Welcome to the Sex Weights & Protein Shakes internet store, where you can browse our massive range of purpose-designed workout clothes and casual apparel.
Established back in 2010 with the now seminal 'D1' design, the Sex Weights & Protein Shakes range has since built up something of a cult following on the gym circuit, so much so it is now distributed to more than 22 countries worldwide and boasts almost 50 unique designs. And our lineup is continuing to expand, with sweatpants, shorts and tracksuits adding to our t-shirts, training vests, hoodies and sweatshirts.
So regardless of whether you're a bodybuilding fanatic or just enjoy an occasional fitness session, we're certain to have a Sex Weights & Protein Shakes design to match your passion and the physique you've worked so hard to attain. And you can be sure that our quality is matched by our creativity. Designed for bodybuilders by bodybuilders, our performance wear for the obsessively motivated is durable enough in construction yet engineered for comfort to see you through the most gruelling of training sessions.
While we are confident you'll like what you find, if you have don't - or have any suggestions - we're always open to feedback so please do get in touch!


Eat Clean Train Dirty CLOTHING

May 18, 2018

A Sex Weights and Protein Shakes ® original design for all those bodybuilders, gym bunnies, and fitness fanatics who live to eat clean but train very, very dirty Available in dry fit and standard t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests and more for men and women, Check out our Eat Clean Train Dirty Range.

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Eat Sleep Train Repeat Gym Workout Training Top

September 28, 2017

Eat, sleep, train, repeat: Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes® created this original design for body builders and gym fanatics around the schedules of the pros

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Sweat Is Fat Crying Workout top t-shirt

September 20, 2017

A Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes ® original design for the bodybuilders, gym bunnies, and fitness freaks who don’t mind breaking a sweat during their workout

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