Five golden era bodybuilders who CRUSH Twitter

They're the stars of the sport whose faces are plastered all over our gyms and bedroom walls: bodybuilders of the Golden Era.

From the '60s to the '80s, these titans brought competitive, often 100% natural bodybuilding to mainstream audiences, cultivating huge audiences and fan bases to this day. Now, with the rise of Twitter, you can get closer to your heroes than ever before; we've listed five of our favourite Golden Era strongmen (and women) to follow...

(N.B. We didn't rank them because they're all legends!)


Ric Drasin (@RicDrasin)

Joe Gold lifetime achievement award winner, rock and roll star, wrestler, and one of the original Muscle Beach breakout stars, Ric Drasin uses his Twitter to provide Golden Era wisdom in the form of training advice and insightful anecdotes from the age of Arnie.

His YouTube channel features shows such as Ric’s Corner, and is a must watch for its inside story on how Muscle Beach went from a small-town sideshow to the centre of the competitive bodybuilding world. Fun fact: Ric designed the logos for both Gold's and World gyms!

Arnold Schwarzenegger (@Schwarzenegger)

Longtime Twitter user Arnie was an obvious choice when making this list, for good reason. The Austrian Oak is probably the best known Golden Era athlete, turned into a Hollywood staple and then Governor of California (the 10th biggest economy in the World according to the UN).



He's still at it today, attending climate talks in Paris and campaigning for green energy worldwide, while still keeping in touch with the bodybuilding world; this legend has definitely earned a follow.

Cory Everson (@CoryEversonMsO)

Cory's reign as Ms Olympia (a six time champion!) means that when she Tweets, the bodybuilding world listens. This woman dominated the sport in the mid-1980s, helping female bodybuilding gain mainstream acceptance at a time when it was still deemed unusual to see women lifting weights.


The only professional female bodybuilder to ever retire undefeated, Everson is definitely a must-follow.

Lou Ferrigno (@LouFerrigno)

The man who played the Hulk - an irradiated superbeing famed for its muscles and strength - before CGI and still managed to look convincing needs little introduction. Lou Ferrigno's place in the bodybuilding hall of fame probably means you're already following him, but you can't have Arnie if you wont have Lou.


Alongside tips, pics, and videos of the big mans workouts, Lou also provides his followers with an inside look into the Ferrigno Legacy, California's newest IFBB Olympia and National Qualifier NPC contest.

Frank Zane (@Frank_Zane)

Three time Mr Olympia and aesthetics pioneer Frank Zane uses his Twitter to spread bodybuilding training tips (usually through links to his own advice and his active website). Coming a little before Arnie, and never quite reaching the household-name levels of fame as Lou Ferrigno, Frank's contribution to competitive bodybuilding lives on in the current trend for aesthetics.


Frank is an inspiration, continuing to train at 73, and his many books and manuals on competitive bodybuilding have sealed his legacy as a dedicated member of the Golden Era.
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