Why training is easier in Star Wars

If you're anything like us, you'll be feeling the pain from yesterdays training after a needed weekend break. 

And now with the premiere of Star Wars, our usual bitter curses are driven to new heights.

Why? Because training is sooo much easier in Star Wars...


#1 Cardio



Look at that rolly guy, zooming around faster than most of us jog (twice as fast after leg day). Though this little droid (BB-8) is a machine, Star Wars characters in general pull insane cardio regimes two or three times a film. From desert hikes:


To upside down aerobics in the frozen tundra:



Star Wars characters' cardio regimes just aren't affected by extreme conditions.


#2 Weights

Two words: the. Force


There you have it. While the force might take some training to master in the first place, once it's learned weights would become more or less pointless, and it's utterly crushing to see a millennium old creature less than half the size of a child lift more than you ever could.


#3 Injuries

 At the start of Empire Strikes Back, Luke is frozen, beaten unconscious, and then frozen again. Not a problem in Star Wars, though: they just dip him in a vat of healing fluid called a Bacta tank, and hey presto, by the next scene he's flying incredibly advanced spaceships again and scaling ATATs.

Bodybuilders and weight lifters know that in reality, injuries don't work that way. Stretches, strains, tears, and breaks of course require medicines and physiotherapy, but also lots and lots of time. In the Star Wars universe, if a bodybuilder breaks a wrist on a big lift, they just need to dip their hand in a tank of blue goo for five minutes while they have their protein shake.


Star Wars: great film, poor motivation for training. If you want some better motivation, check these out:

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