December 23, 2015


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All you need to look wavey before the end of the year

It's the end of the year with Christmas snapping at our heels and New Years just round the corner, so it goes without saying that we all need to look our best even at the gym. Check out what delights we have for you.


I Must Go...My Gym Needs Me - Hoodie




99 Problems But A Lift Ain't One - Tank Top




Permission To Skip The Gym - Tank Top




Flexing KettleBall - Tank Top




There Are Only Two Things - Tank Top




Train Like Your Worst Enemy Is Watching - Tank Top




Don't Quit - Tank Top

December 22, 2015


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The six people you'll see (or be) at the gym post Christmas

Christmas is in just three sleeps and everyone is getting very, very excited.

But after a month of gorging on mince pies and turkey (which is at least lean protein), gym goers return to training in January to find an influx of new friends and workout buddies using the equipment and joining in sessions.

While most of the new recruits are committed to regular and respectful training as part of a new, healthier lifestyle, there will always be a few outliers who breach the rules of gym etiquette. 

Here are the six people you will either see or be at the gym post Christmas:


6) The "I haven't got a clue what I'm doing but I'm just gonna roll with it" ones




5) The "I'm still too full from Christmas" lot





4) The ones that over do it





3) The "I've come straight from Christmas dinner" ones




2) The "I got forced by my family" ones




1) And then there will be you just doing your thing 




To look good and stand out among the post Christmas crowd, why not check out some of our amazing looks: 

Success Trains - Vest




Beast Mode - T-Shirt




Suns Out Guns Out - Vest




Lift Big Get Big - Hoodie

December 21, 2015


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Muscle Monday

It's muscle Monday: time to lift the weights, get the blood flowing and look fine at the gym. If you want to go into the new year looking amazing, why not check out our range on vests and tanks to show off those muscles you've been working so hard on. 

There Are Only Two Things - Tank Top




Warning - Tank Top




Your Workout Is My Warm Up - Tank Top




Can't Ban These Guns - Tank Top




Live Hard Train Hard - Tank Top


December 17, 2015


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The 10 Types of people you see at the gym

When your at the gym a lot you start to notice the different types of people at the gym. We compiled a list of those 5 different types which one are you ?


1) The Newbie - the person that doesn't know how anything all !





2) The guy admires himself in the mirror




3) The person that gets a bit too excited about the treadmill



4) The guy that isn't actually doing anything ...why is he even here !?




5) The person whos form is off so off




6) The messy one that leaves the weights all over the place



7) The space hogger know who you are




8) The attractive person most likely you 




9) The show-offs




10) gym couples...just NO


 So if you need somthing to show all of these people you know what your doing check out out amazing stuff.


Sex, Weightd & Protein Shakes - Tank Top




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December 16, 2015


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8 Instagrammers you need in your life when looking to get fitter and healthier

We all need a bit of a push and a shove when trying to stay fit and healthy, especially when it's mid week and your sofa starts calling you. We put together 8 Instagrammers that will inspire and help you along the way. 


The one that gets you off the couch: 

Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree in the midst of them all.✨Buddha✨ A New Moon tonight, time to plant the seeds of your deepest desires - what do you intend to create in the garden of your life? Life & death, endings & beginnings, light & dark, rain & sunshine - it's all part of the process in tending our gardens. Sit in the middle of your garden knowing that you flow as life flows, neither resisting or forcing.. Like the tree you just sway & dance with the wind when the storms are passing.? ? @4daocean ?✨ #itsallgood #meditate #letitgo

A photo posted by Surf ~ SUP ~ Yoga //\\ ISIY (@isurfiyoga) on




When you need friendly words of advice from a celebrity trainer: 

'Tis the season for our #10Day #Holiday #HotBodyBootcamp challenge to keep you healthy, fit & sculpted ?? through the holidays!❤️?We are starting this Saturday Dec.12th to Dec 22nd in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub and all of the #workouts are streaming in our #virtualclub so it doesn't matter if you are traveling all you have to do is login to the club & press play! Join the club & introduce yourself on our #Community page! We are here to support you & encourage you to keep working out through the holidays! It's only 10 Days! You can do it! #HealthIsWealth #10Daychallenge #BetterTogether #HotBodyBootcamp #JeanetteJenkins #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #WorkoutMotivation

A photo posted by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) on



For those organic and vegan recipes you will one day make: 

Beautiful weather calls for beautiful food. Root veggie roses's Inspired by @mississippivegan | Turnip, beet, sweet potato, extra Virgin olive oil, pink salt, black pepper. Layered in a cupcake mold. | #eatclean #eatsimple #eatsexy #plantbased #seasonal #inspirations #organic #vegan #nyc

A photo posted by Adam Kenworthy (@adamkenworthy) on




For when you ate that cheeky bag of crisps and need a quick workout: 

Happy Wednesday! Here are two dynamic Kettlebell exercises for you to add into your fitness routine that target multiple muscles while getting your heart rate up. 1. Alternating Tactical Lunge with Elbow Strike. Great exercise to target quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves and your abs! 2. Two Handed KB Squat Clean - Back, chest, core, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Blue KB is 15 pounds, pink is 36 pounds. Get moving! ???. @pedestalfootwear #ivfitness #WorkoutWednesday #Holidayworkouts #fitnesstips #homeworkouts #FitHolidays #Abs #legs #conditioning

A video posted by Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness) on




For that little something your sweet tooth craves, but that's actually healthy: 

. Chocolate Pecan Pie (no corn syrup!) . @chocolatecoveredkatie 1 cup raw pecans 12.3 oz tofu OR cashew butter 2 tsp pure vanilla extract 1/4 tsp salt 2 tsp cornstarch or arrowroot 1/2 cup pure maple syrup pinch uncut stevia or 1 tbsp sugar of choice 2 tbsp molasses 2 tbsp cocoa powder Pecans for the top _________________________________ . Blend all ingredients except pecans, in a food processor until very smooth. Then add the pecans and pulse a few times until chopped. Pour into a prepared pie crust, and top with additional pecans. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 F, for 45 minutes. If you serve the pie immediately, it’ll be very gooey (not necessarily a bad thing). But if you let it chill in the fridge, it firms up quite nicely the longer it sits. The pie fills up a prepared graham-cracker crust. If your crust is bigger, you might want to make 1 and 1/2 servings or even double the recipe. _________________________________ Nutrition facts for this recipe are posted on the blog: @chocolatecoveredkatie . .

A photo posted by Chocolate Covered Katie (@chocolatecoveredkatie) on




For when you need a push of motivational pictures: 

Thoughts for the week ahead. ? @chalkproject #regram #bethechange

A photo posted by mindbodygreen (@mindbodygreen) on




For the total body workouts you need: 

#gimmefive 5 different versions of "Jacks" burpee jacks, double jacks, explosive jacks, plank jacks, jumping squat jacks #letsmove #gimmefive #projectprotein #immefoundation #cardiovascularexercises @michelleobama

A video posted by Fit With Curves (@fitwithcurves) on




When you need to be reminded what you're actually capable of: 

The calm before the storm. @ffatorres leading the charge as always #teamsomeassemblyrequired #teamsar #firefighter #adaptiveathlete #snatch #crossfit

A photo posted by Team Some Assembly Required (@teamsomeassemblyrequired) on




And if that's not enough to get you up and working out, maybe our range of funny and motivational products will:


Drop it like a Squat - T-Shirt (fitted)




I'd Flex But I Like This Shirt - Tank Top




It's A Way Of Life - Vest




I Must Go...My Gym Needs Me - Vest




Eat Clean Train Dirty - T-Shirt (fitted)




Kettlebell Skull - T-Shirt


Merry Christmas from Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes®

December 15, 2015


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Why training is easier in Star Wars

If you're anything like us, you'll be feeling the pain from yesterdays training after a needed weekend break. 

And now with the premiere of Star Wars, our usual bitter curses are driven to new heights.

Why? Because training is sooo much easier in Star Wars...


#1 Cardio



Look at that rolly guy, zooming around faster than most of us jog (twice as fast after leg day). Though this little droid (BB-8) is a machine, Star Wars characters in general pull insane cardio regimes two or three times a film. From desert hikes:


To upside down aerobics in the frozen tundra:



Star Wars characters' cardio regimes just aren't affected by extreme conditions.


#2 Weights

Two words: the. Force


There you have it. While the force might take some training to master in the first place, once it's learned weights would become more or less pointless, and it's utterly crushing to see a millennium old creature less than half the size of a child lift more than you ever could.


#3 Injuries

 At the start of Empire Strikes Back, Luke is frozen, beaten unconscious, and then frozen again. Not a problem in Star Wars, though: they just dip him in a vat of healing fluid called a Bacta tank, and hey presto, by the next scene he's flying incredibly advanced spaceships again and scaling ATATs.

Bodybuilders and weight lifters know that in reality, injuries don't work that way. Stretches, strains, tears, and breaks of course require medicines and physiotherapy, but also lots and lots of time. In the Star Wars universe, if a bodybuilder breaks a wrist on a big lift, they just need to dip their hand in a tank of blue goo for five minutes while they have their protein shake.


Star Wars: great film, poor motivation for training. If you want some better motivation, check these out:

Go Hard or Go Home T-Shirt




I Don't Do Push Ups I Do Earth Downs Performance Training Vest


Train Like Your Worst Enemy Is Watching Tank Top

December 14, 2015


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#MondayMotivation in Shirts

It's Monday and the start of a new week. We can all do with a bit of motivation after the weekend, especially if (like us) you're going back into your training regime. So here is #MondayMotivation as told by shirts.





Don't Stop When It Hurts - Vest





I Do Earth Downs - Vest




Just Another Gym Motivation Top - Sweatshirt





I Flexed And The Sleeves Fell Off - Vest





Eat Cleam Train Dirty - T-Shirt




Single, Taken, At The Gym - Sweatshirt





Don't Quit - Tank Top


So keep up the good work and keep looking amazing 




 Merry Christmas from Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes®